Walking Therapy

About me

I am a licensed psychotherapist and person-centered counsellor. My approach is holistic and tailored to you. I work with adults as well as children aged 12 and up. I provide a calm, discreet, and professional setting that has assisted many people in overcoming their life challenges, and I look forward to accompanying you on your path. I will treat you with the highest respect and dignity at all times.

In my work, both online and outside, I provide a welcoming, nurturing, and therapeutic environment in walking therapy. Face-to-face counseling sessions are held at three distinct locations in a safe and pleasant environment. The Yoga Tree in central Norwich (with ample parking across the road at Sainsbury’s) and The Consulting Rooms on Newmarket Road are the two locations. My other location, Proactive Therapies, is in the lovely village of Honingham (parking is available on site and next to the ‘Honingham Buck’ pub).

I’m here to support and coach you through your problems because you’re the only one who truly knows what you want. Peeling back the layers and enabling your inner light to shine again is how I like to think of it. I can assist you in releasing some of the burdens that are pulling you down, and we can work together on this. You don’t have to feel alone.

I will be sympathetic, sincere, and transparent with you, and I will act ethically. I’m not here to pass judgment.  I am dedicated to providing you with true empathy, kindness, acceptance, and deep respect.  From the convenience of your own home, I provide face-to-face and online counseling.

I provide a private environment for my clients to breathe, communicate, and ‘just be.’ I am dedicated to providing you with true empathy, kindness, acceptance, and deep respect. I’ll work with you to help you grow and see things more clearly.

Services I offer

It’s possible that this is your first time seeking help and counseling, and there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. ‘It’s good to talk!’ in the cheesy sense of the word. Talking therapy takes time to help us untangle our thoughts and make sense of things.

Making the initial step in the correct way is a positive move, and if you want to change, this is the place to be. I provide a discreet counseling service that prioritizes your safety and well-being. I can assist you with any of the following issues:

I’m a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and I follow the Ethical Framework for Good Practice, which outlines the values, beliefs, and moral attributes that all professional counsellors must possess.

All counsellors are required to participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD), which guarantees that my counseling practice is up to date and informed by the most recent research.

In compliance with BACP regulations, I attend a fortnightly meeting with a licensed counselling supervisor to further safeguard clients.

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £60 for walking therapy and £55 for other types of therapy. I also offer discounts for students. 

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation:

I am available from 9:00am – 9:00pm, 7 days a week. You can check out our client testimonials online from different people and clients sharing their experience in having me as their therapist.

Online Counselling:

Although online counseling sessions are a viable option to in-person counseling, you may worry if they are as successful. Because you can get counseling from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world, these sessions offer a lot of potential. We’ll schedule a time for our sessions after an initial assessment on Zoom. Sessions usually start with 6-8 weeks, however this can be extended depending on the needs of the client. Zoom call sessions, like face-to-face counseling, allow us to see each other on screen and discuss your reasons for seeking therapy.

One-to-one Counselling:

Indoor Therapy and walking therapy:

I do one-on-one counseling at the Yoga Tree and The Consulting Rooms in Norwich, as well as at Proactive Therapies in Honingham.

I’ll guide you through your own challenges, feelings, beliefs, behavior, and worldview throughout our indoor session so you can become more self-aware and independent.

I also include components of various psychological treatments to fulfill people’s needs, because I do not feel that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is appropriate for everyone.

What is a walking therapist?

In a natural outdoor setting, I provide therapy whilst walking. Having an outdoor walking therapist has a lot of advantages and can help you connect with nature. According to current research and news articles, walking and talking therapy relieves stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Walking therapy has the advantage of allowing you to choose the location where we walk and talk. We can spend our time at the beach, walking in the park, or a nature reserve, among other places.

Is walking a form of therapy? 

Reduce stress, ease physical tension, promote circulation, breathe deeply, and cleanse the body-mind of intrusive, unpleasant, and ruminative thoughts and sensations using walk and talk therapy. These therapy sessions can help you reduce anxiety, regulate your mood, sleep better, and more.

Why do we walk and talk?

Your emotional responses are translated into physical motions by the brain, which fills in what it views as lacking information. Walking or making other bodily motions while on the phone at work is an automatic physiological response resulting from years of social conditioning.

Walking and talking (also known as walk and talk therapy) is a great form of therapy and fantastic to help your mental health. Exercise helps to release endorphins which make you feel better and can help you open up.

What is eco therapy?

Nature therapy, sometimes known as eco therapy, is the practice of spending time walking in nature in order to promote growth and healing, particularly in the area of mental health. You can also find many things in nature that you won’t find at home or in a city. Clients may also hear it referred to as green treatment, green exercise training, or horticulture therapy.

Ecotherapists who practice ecopsychology are mental health doctors with strong beliefs in the healing power of nature, greenspaces, and conservation. They’re ideal for folks with interests in nature and the environment or want to strengthen their bond with it.  You nay also practice sports in nature which many therapists and clients find is fantastic psychotherapy.